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Outdoor Adventure Camp

Your son is free for his entire summer vacation and he keeps on troubling you because he is in the house all the time, right? Relax because hundreds of mothers all over the world are facing the same problem. Be it summer or winter vacations, it does get tiresome if you have to keep watch on your children all the time!

The ideal solution is to send him on an outdoor adventure camp. It will serve a dual purpose. It will be a good learning experience for your child and you will not have him under the feet as well. Camps such as these are being organized by a lot of concerns and regardless of what some people might say, they are not only safe but it will teach your child to be tough too!

An outdoor adventure camp as is evident from the name, is a combination of all camping activities like paddling, canoe trips, and so on. You need to speak to a representative so that you can work out a suitable time and place. Children will be picked up from a particular point and then they will be taken to the camping site by trained staff who will look after them.

There is no need for any special type of clothing or equipment for such trips. If you are worried about your child not being taken care of, brush aside your worries because everything starting from brushing their teeth to arranging for healthy meals is arranged by the organizers. Some parents may have concerns about their children getting bitten by insects or bugs. Rest assured, because every precaution will be taken to ensure that they are protected. Parents are generally advised to send full-sleeve clothes so that their arms are protected when they are outside their tents. In case you want to know how your child is doing, just call to speak to a representative and he will update you.

Are looking to send your child for an outdoor adventure camp? There are plenty of organizers who arrange such trips regularly. Go online to look up some names, after which you can visit their website to know more about them. You can also visit their office in person to have a better idea about the entire concept. The organizers ensure that the trip is a learning experience for the children and they enjoy it too. So what are you waiting for? Call them now!

Kenya Adventure Camping

When it comes to an exciting and extraordinary outdoor series of events, then the terms adventure and camping are the most suitable to use. Quite a number of tourists prefer adventure camping safaris because of various environmental, physical and personal changes that it brings to their lives. It actually breaks the monotony of the usual smooth and predictable daily routine in their lives. Anybody of course preparing to go for any adventure safari always equips him or herself with the sense of adventure because it is an undertaking involving uncertainty and risk. It is this curiosity and surprise that drives tourists to go for it.

Quite a number of tour operators in Kenya specialize in camping and adventure type of safaris mainly because of the wide variety of choices present in Kenya. It is advisable to be very selective and sure of the tour agent to deal with so that you can get the real experience of adventure camping that will make your holiday a reality. First and foremost, if you have any recommendation for particular companies to choose, go straight ahead to visit their website and choose an itinerary that best suits your pocket and holiday duration, then ask all the questions you have about the safari and make all the necessary arrangements.

The accommodation, food, different types of birds chirping in the nearby bushes, the sky at night, fellow travelers around a campfire and other many more improvisations at the campsite will give you the true picture of how adventurous your holiday is. Most campsites usually have permanently pitched tents and it is pointless carrying a personal tent if you are planning to go on an organized tour. The tents in most adventure camping safaris are comfortable and can accommodate two people. They contain two beds inside with foam mattresses, bed sheets and sometimes blankets. For additional warmth, one can always carry a sleeping bag although some companies provide sleeping bags for higher at an affordably low cost. If you fear insects crawling on you or mosquitoes greeting you in Swahili, then don’t forget to carry your insect repellent lotion.

Camping foodstuffs are just the bomb! For anybody who wants a good change of diet from restaurants or big hotel foods, try this type of delicacy. It is a long stretch of party that comes in three faces: a well balanced breakfast before the morning game-drives, followed by lunch most often than not taken away from the campsite as a packed lunch, depending on the number of days you take for the safari, and finally finishing up with dinner after the evening game-drive. Tea or coffee is normally taken after every meal. The question of safety of the campsite at night should not be an issue because it is fully guarded by the armed watchmen and it is also almost impossible for the wild animals to come to the campsite because of the campfire prepared at night which they associate with the presence of human beings.

Adventure The Experience of a Lifetime

Do you want your children to experience something new, something out of the ordinary? Do you want them to have something to treasure for the rest of their lives? Then probably it’s time that you enroll them in an adventure camp.

Adventure camps are mostly education-oriented. They are an alternative to the traditional teen summer camps. Oftentimes, they include an adventure travel program, wherein students are introduced to new cultures and new environments. Like the majority of summer camps and educational camps, they are supervised programs for children and teenagers, which are usually conducted during the summer months. There are even educational adventure camps which include community service. These camps can be single-day, week-long programs or even longer. They can be exclusive for a particular sex or mixed.

For our over-protected, precious little girls, there are girl-powered teenage adventure camps for them. Some of these camps have durations of 1 to 3 weeks. Activities include wilderness sessions like backpacking, horseback riding, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and camp gourmet cooking. On the other hand, there are boys’ camps focused on marine activities. This gives our young boys the opportunity to learn sailing, diving and marine science. There are mixed-sex adventure travel programs, wherein the participants go to exotic locations and enjoy the back-to-nature environment.

There are various types of adventure camps to choose from. Are you interested in tigers, bears and various types of exotic birds? There are adventure camps which cater to that. If you prefer a theme park environment, such is also available. There are adventure travel camps which combine adventure travel with language study and wilderness skills.

These camps, if properly supervised, allow our children’s personality to grow and shine. They also provide the opportunity for our kids to socialize with different children of their age, and foster lasting friendship with them. They will be exposed to new experiences, like adventure sports, and/or new environments. All these will help them grow into better, more responsible individuals.

You may check the internet for a listing of various types of adventure camps. Online directories of adventure camps for kids and teenagers throughout North America and worldwide are available. You will not run out of options. Check the specific sites of your shortlisted camps. If there are reviews and forums, look them up as well. After all, you would not want to leave a single stone unturned for the enjoyment and safety of your children. You would want to make this the best time of their young lives.

Finding an Outdoor Adventure

Looking to keep your child busy this summer instead of at home watching T.V.? Do you want to be able to find a camp that is fun, exciting, challenging, educational, and full of great times and memories? If so, this summer, consider signing your child up to attend an outdoor adventure camp. Though the outdoors is usually appealing to younger boys, these camps often offer co-ed camping grounds where everyone can have fun and enjoy the best of what the great outdoors has to offer. Choosing an outdoor adventure camp isn’t always the easiest task since there are so many to choose from and so many factors to consider.

Always Visit in Person
Before ever signing your child up for an outdoor adventure camp, take a day to go visit the camp together. You want to ensure that the camp environment is one that is not only safe, but is one that your child feels comfortable living at for a few days or more. It’s important to get an idea of the staff and their personalities as well as a feel for the type of living environment your child will be in while away from home. You will know right off the bat if the camp is right for your child or not.

Consider Your Budget
If you’ve ever looked at the price tag associated with an outdoor adventure camp, or any camp for that matter, you’ve probably noticed that sending your child off to camp isn’t a cheap venture. This means that you will want to not only find a camp within your price range, but you’ll also want to ensure that the camp you choose is worth your money. What good is an outdoor adventure camp if your child is bored and doesn’t enjoy his/her stay? This is why it’s best to research all camps and decide which ones seem the most fitting and adventurous.

What Do the Activities Include?
When it comes to choosing an outdoor adventure camp, you also want to inquire about the activities that are provided at the camp. Just how adventurous are the activities? Will the kids be camping outside? Will they learn survival techniques? What makes the camp full of adventure? These are all questions you will want to ask the camp staff before enrolling your child. You don’t want your child to be stuck at a camp that isn’t fun or full of thrills and adventure.