Adventure Holidays

Camping holidays in Kenya are located in the remote areas away from the city where wild animals, insects and the bush are the only immediate neighbors. This is a unique experience where meals are prepared in the open and you spend the nights out in the cold. Kenya is favored by Mother Nature and has abundant attractions. These include; the annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, a wide variety of game parks and game reserves, rivers and lakes, fantastic geographical features especially in the Great Rift Valley, mountains and the sandy beaches in the coast. In addition, Kenya is a fertile land and agriculture is the backbone of the country. Another earner for the country is tourism.

Kenya offers various camping holiday sites around the country and you can choose which one to go for depending on your interests. The Samburu camping site is located in the remote and arid areas of Northern Frontier District. It provides a big challenge due to the scorching sun. The main activity in the area is walking and camel riding for long distances across the Nyika plateau. This is done with assistance from local guides who explain and teach you all about the wild animals and the life and culture of the Samburu people. The Samburu game reserve is an ideal site for game viewing. You get to see the lions, leopards, cheetahs, antelopes and hyenas. In addition, there are ostriches and some bird species.

Camping holidays at the Masai Mara game reserve is especially ideal for a family experience. This is one adventure that you will all live to remember. The Masai Mara game reserve is an extension of the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania. July to August is the best time to tour the park. This is because the annual wildebeest migration is at its peak during this time. This spectacular game viewing is one of a kind where you get to see the big five and other wild animals. In addition, you get to witness the highest wildebeest population and you can even get to fly on a hot air balloon over the rolling plains.

Lake Nakuru is also another attractive site for camping holidays. This alkaline water lake is a world-famous site and a home to over one million pink flamingos. A part from flamingos, this lake is surrounded by a thick forest which is home to the black and white rhinos, leopards, lion and a large number of water bucks. Over three hundred different types of birds have been recorded there making it a birders paradise. Other camping holidays in Kenya include climbing Mt Kenya which also involves some game viewing.

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