Early Summer Camp Registration

As we enter wintertime in North America, thoughts of summer camp have probably faded from the forefront of our minds. However, popular camps begin registering their campers for the following season as early as July or August, and some camps have waiting lists for specific age groups. By Thanksgiving, growing return rates at the popular camps can also decrease availability, so it is essential for prospective campers to pay attention to registration dates for their favorite camp or they may find themselves left out in the cold!

Some kids start going to camp as young as six years old, and a good percentage of them will continue into their teens. It’s not rare for families to send generations of kids to the same camp. In many of these cases, camp administrators and counselors become like family themselves.

The activities, environment, natural surroundings and camaraderie with friends old and new keep campers coming back. But there are other factors as well, such as the structured environment camp provides for the kids during their time away from school and the education they receive by endeavoring into new territories. For instance, some kids have never fished, shot an arrow, or even hiked through the wilderness. Many of these camps offer activities taught by experienced Summer camp counselors that broaden a child’s or a teen’s perspective.

Traditional summer camps are usually all-encompassing in the variety of activities they offer, which often include crafts, archery, swimming and hiking. Though the activities might be similar among these traditional camps, one of the main attractions making each camp unique is natural setting and scenic surroundings.

A good number of the more popular summer camps are located in naturally picturesque areas. Summer camps in Colorado, California, Nevada, Michigan and Minnesota present some of the most scenic settings for campers. In the northeastern part of the U.S., the great Adirondack camps, located in the Adirondack Mountain region of Upstate New York, are situated in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. The rolling wilderness, clear lakes and mountainous terrain help make the Adirondack region a perfect summer camp setting that keeps campers coming back year after year.

There are also youth summer camps that cater to specific interests, such as acting, horseback riding, riflery and even skateboarding.

And there are the ever-popular wilderness and adventure camps. These camps are geared toward nature-related activities ranging from whitewater rafting, survival, canyoning, caving, kayaking and canoeing among others.

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